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We want to make sure that you have the best experience submitting your entry. The following guidelines provide direction for all contestants. To make sure that we cover as many of your questions as possible, we have also included a frequently asked questions tab. If you need additional clarity, visit that tab for more information. 


  • Registration is free

  • You must be 18 years or older to participate

  • Artists are welcome to enter all four categories

  • Entries must portray one of the following themes:

    • How clinical trials have impacted your life in a positive way

    • How diverse participation in clinical trials leads to improved health outcomes

    • How clinical trials have improved the lives of my family and community

    • How clinical trials impact access to medicine

  • SiteBridge Research and iParticipate reserve the right to use your entry for contest publicity​ and promotional purposes, and the right to allow third parties to repost your entry. 

  • Contest entries must be approved to qualify

  • Contestants must claim their prizes within 30 days of notification

  • To access or download the complete contest instructions and rules, please visit this link: complete instructions and rulesPara acceder la lista completa de reglas en instrucciones en español, por favor visite este enlace: reglas del concurso. 

Visual Arts

  • Only original artwork will be accepted

  • Art works must be no larger than 24 x 36

  • Only accepting works in charcoal, crayon, oil pastels, ink, pencil, acrylic oil paint, chalk (photography under its own category) 

  • Entries must be approved before contestant is permitted to post at health care facilities 


  • Original unpublished photos (we do not require photos to be previously unpublished social media)

  • 300dpi JPG

  • Family friendly photos - no nudity, suggestive violence, etc. (images of divisive/tragic events are not accepted)

  • Photos should be Instagram ready (as this sizing works for all other platforms)


  • Original work featuring one of the themes described in the general rules above (15 seconds of sampling allowed)

  • No explicit, vulgar lyrics​

  • Entries should be fun, or positive, or moving and meaningful

  • Musical entries should be between 1-2 minutes long


  • Original choreography for solo, duet, trio or group performance

  • Good lighting for production value, tasteful costuming, music can be instrumental 

  • Dance entries should have a running time of 1-2 minutes long  

  • Selected music (no explicit, vulgar lyrics) loop of 15 seconds of sampling allowed, submissions without audio will not be accepted

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