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With diversity in clinical trials more lives will be saved in underserved communities.

This piece is called “Gift of One More Breath” Here's my story:

On a lonely Summer day in 2016, while sitting on a bed at the hospital I had just heard the words----You have aggressive neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer already in your lymph nodes. Without treatment, your longevity may last up to 6 months.
Treatment options were discussed chemo, radiation, clinical trials. Now what should I do? I had already done Whipple surgery.

The oncologist entered the room and explained the benefits of clinical trials. I experienced fear of the unknown but it was extremely clear that it would have been my choice and there was no pressure to participate.

If chemo and radiation were unsuccessful, I would have willingly participated in clinical trials. It is important that through community engagements, information sharing on this option, fear would be reduced or eliminated and underserved communities would get the opportunity to learn more and be participants in this valuable course of action.

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