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Diversity in clinical trials is imperative so true health equity can occur. I have seen the impact of chronic diseases on my black and brown family members and how modern medicine has been able to treat their illnesses, and it makes me reflect even deeper about diversity in clinical trials being absolutely necessary. Different ethnicities, age groups, and other variables can impact how one responds to a drug. For everyone taking drugs or medications, it is important to know how they would react and respond in diverse patient groups. One of my closest cousins was diagnosed with asthma at a young age. He was placed on so many different inhalers before finding the right two that worked well for him and controlled his condition without causing exacerbations that frequently put him in the hospital. If it wasn't for people that looked like him that were brave enough to enroll in a clinical trial, he may not have been able to receive the treatments that he did. I want to see not only my family members live long healthy lives, but everyone else around me and within my communities. Diversity is needed in clinical trials to achieve that.

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