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Blue and White Eggs
Christopher Esther

Diversity in clinical trials is very important to me. As someone who has directly benefitted from clinical trials, I have first hand experience of the life-changing developments that can arise from these ventures, and these benefits should never be restricted or limited based on any category that a person may fall into. The healthcare and research fields are working to improve the lives of a diverse population, so ensuring that they accurately reflect that diversity is crucial. Minority groups may be inherently limited from these types of clinical trials due to a variety of factors, but it is our duty to help ensure that they are given fair and easy access to these benefits. The value of this diversity is also something I worked to directly represent in my composition. The orchestra is a very diverse grouping of instruments, each different in their sound and abilities, but when they come together they create something uniquely amazing. Each colored bar in the video represents a different note played by a different instrument, and while each individual may be able to stand alone, much more is accomplished when they come together, each having an important, albeit different, role which is exactly the same way in which diverse groups of people should come together to participate in, support, and conduct clinical trials. Just like the song, clinical trials often start with just a simple idea that eventually builds into a huge effort, hopefully resulting in a climactic achievement and leap forward for health for everybody.

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