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Your artistic talents can help improve health outcomes!  The Bridging The Gap in Clinical Trials no-entry fee contest was designed to develop awareness, dispel misinformation and stimulate conversation about clinical trials. We are encouraging all talented people like you to share with your communities the importance of participating in research studies, and how they can improve the lives of individuals and make our communities a better place.  


The contest is open to all adults interested in participating and will award cash prizes to first, second, and third place winners in four separate categories: visual arts, music, photography and dance.

To qualify for this art competition, contestants must adhere to the following requirements:

General Eligibility

  • Be 18 years of age and older

  • Complete the entry form and submit your original work here

  • All entries must use appropriate language and tone. Entries employing offensive, profane, and vulgar language will be disqualified.

Entries must portray one of the following themes:

  • How clinical trials have impacted your life in a positive way

  • How diverse participation in clinical trials leads to improved health outcomes

  • How clinical trials have improved the lives of my family and community

  • How clinical trials impact access to medicine

After entry is accepted:

  • ​Share the entry on your social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube).

  • Please visit this link to access or download the complete contest instructions and rules. Para la lista complete de reglas e instrucciones en español, por favor visite este enlace. 

For Visual Arts and Photography entries

In addition, to the general eligibility requirements, if you are participating in the visual arts and photography categories you are encouraged to present and display your art at your local health care facility (eg. doctor's office, federally qualified health center, health and human services department, or mobile health clinic), and to inform your health care provider about this campaign to stimulate conversation around clinical trial participation.

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